16 February 2014

Canning Love

It may seem early in the season to be writing about canning projects, but we have been eating the fruits of Steve's labors this winter and they are so good.  Steve made and canned all kinds of products last summer that I would never have considered doing on my own.

For example

clam juice - Last week Steve made fish chowder and used a bottle of homemade clam juice in place of the water the recipe calls for (we could also have switched out the haddock for the clams he preserved).

hot Italian peppers - These mostly go on pizza with the marinated mushrooms which I also love on sandwiches.

honey mustard - Have not worked out the economics of this yet, but the end result is very yummy.

dried beans - except, of course, they're not dried anymore because Steve canned them

Italian sausage soup - We took this recipe and canned it, minus the spinach, which we add the day we eat it.  We also canned my sister's very delicious tomato soup but it got a little bit ruined.

Seed catalogs have come in and I'm very excited by the prospect of actually being able to help in the garden this year (we'll see how that works out).  In addition to last year's crops, we're planning to add the following-

asparagus peas
sweet potatoes

I'm also hoping for an herb garden and for Steve to build a cold frame so we can try to do some winter gardening.

Yay spring!

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