13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Steve and I have almost no set traditions in our own little family.  For example, we still haven't decided how we want to celebrate Christmas.  This year we were going to follow Steve's preferred Christmas tradition (Christmas dinner on Christmas day), but then we all got sick, clearly a sign that we were about to celebrate Christmas all. wrong. Let that be a lesson to Steve.

Pretty much our only real tradition that we do faithfully is to make Valentine cookies and deliver them on Valentine's Day.  I make them with the heart-shaped cookie cutters Steve welded for me our first Christmas and then we deliver them to people we suspect would not get any Valentines otherwise.

This year The Bairn helped me make the cookies, by which I mean he licked the paddle after I mixed the dough, carried the cookie cutters to the table for me, helped cut out a few cookies, and then, while my back was turned, lunged across the table and started peeling the raw cookies off the cookie sheet and shoving them in his mouth.  As I dragged him away and buckled him safely in his little child seat at the table, he yelled, "Need a little heart!  Need a little heart!"

He's not invited to help me decorate them.


Ann-Marie said...

That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

What The Bairn is tell you is he wants/needs a CAT!



Anonymous said...

tell = telling



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