17 March 2014

She's a siiiickie. Her nose is stiiiicky!

The kids and I are all sick and have been for too long now, which has resulted in the following:

  • I blew my nose on my shirt while talking to Steve the other day.  Steve was super disgusted (and I was too), but, just, my nose, you know? 

  • The Bairn has watched like 53 million hours of YouTube videos in the last week.  When I said no to another morning of nonstop screen time today, he didn't know what to do except to follow me around saying, "You want to watch a movie."  (He doesn't understand personal pronouns.  He refers to himself as you and to me as I.  It's very confusing.)

  • Ellen screams and cries and snuffles unless I hold her and sing to her about her illnesses.  The title of this post is part of a little gem of a song I sang to her during lunch today.

  • Cabin Fever.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why was the March Hare was mad? Because length of winter and the cloudy days, being stuck inside all day and sick of being sick. It all drove him mad. Spring is coming and the snow will turn to rain and more rain. Our noses will turn blue. Just when we can't take it any more summer will come and make us glad again.


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