23 April 2014

What We Did in TN

We spent a lot of time playing with Grandma. 

We visited Dollywood.  The Bairn was not at all sure about the rides.  His favorite part was the water wheel at the gristmill, which he's still talking about.  My favorite part was the cinnamon bread.  Better than a funnel cake, kids.

Mom made our family's traditional bunny cake.  Immediately after I took this picture, she chopped off the bunny's whole face with a knife in a way that was startlingly similar to the scene in A Christmas Story with the Chinese duck face.

The Bairn colored Easter eggs for the first time, which was difficult for Steve to witness, since he doesn't really like messes or for things to break.

We had an Easter egg hunt.  The Bairn placed each egg in his basket while saying, "Hatch."

And Grandpa taught Ellen how to blow raspberries.

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