15 May 2014

Is It Too Late for a Mothers Day Post?

The Bairn gave me my first Mothers Day gift involving pipe cleaners on Sunday.  It's a vase full of pipe cleaner and miniature paper cup flowers.  The vase is decorated with foam animal stickers and The Bairn is very impressed with it.  He likes me to take it down so that we can relive the moment he brought it to me after church and explain to me what a "beautiful and wonderful surprise" it was for me to receive.

It is very sweet, but, of course, ironically, everyone knows that the gift a mother of a toddler and baby wants most on Mothers Day is to be left alone for a nap or an hour reading or watching The Great British Menu without any children in the vicinity to poke her in the face and ask her what she's doing every 30 seconds.  Also, a clean kitchen that she didn't clean herself.

The request to be left alone is being fulfilled today as Steve sized up my situation over breakfast this morning and decided I could use a little Me Time Free Time.  He took the kids to the park and instructed me to rest.  Ha!  This is the dilemma, of course.  There are no small people here, so I can get. stuff. done.  I can clean the kitchen and bathrooms.  I can transplant the tomatoes from their too-small pots.  I can write my talk for church.  I can prepare dinner without having to holler at my "helper" to stop eating the butter straight from the wrapper.  Steve requested that I at least do something that makes me happy, so I'm eating my other Mothers Day gift, a box of Girl Scout cookies Steve brought back from Texas and that The Bairn presented to me with a hearty "Happy Grandmothers Day!" while I finally answer a few emails.

But next I'm doing laundry.

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