10 May 2014

A Steve-less Week

Steve spent the last week in Texas on a training course.  We decided he should attend on Saturday night and he left less than six hours later, so I didn't have a lot of time to emotionally prepare for a week of single parenthood, but it turned out better than I expected, mostly because I took the kids outside twice a day and ran them into the ground so that they would sleep a lot during naps and bedtimes and also because I introduced The Bairn to homemade yogurt popsicles.

I used to make yogurt popsicles in Muppet Baby paper cups when I was about 8-years-old, and I thought they were the best thing going.  Now I make them in popsicle molds and The Bairn truly believes in his heart that he is eating ice cream for dinner when I serve him one.  They are both an excellent bribe and a hearty dose of calcium all in one frozen treat.

Popsicles can only take you so far, though.  I was about to attach The Bairn to a rocket this morning when he was helping himself to handfuls of sugar while I made roll dough, so it was good that Steve got home last night and came downstairs in time to save his toddler from a trip to the moon.

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