27 July 2014

Family Reunion 2014

We attended a family reunion today.  Ellen discovered that she loves dogs.  She went wild when I put her down and let her pat one of the ones wandering about.  She didn't get her picture taken during the actual reunion because she spent most of her time in the sling on my chest, so I snapped one of her as I was putting her in the car to leave.  She was not making this face at the reunion.  She was giving everyone The Look.

The Bairn loves a good family reunion, because Grammie and Papa are there to chase him around and help him climb trees and the like.  His only real disappointment was that there was a pool and we came without any swimming gear.  Everyone told me to send him in naked, which I was willing to do, but it was a deep pool so he couldn't go in by himself and I wasn't willing to go in naked myself.  I explained that he needed an adult to swim, so he started asking all the aunts and uncles, "Are you a 'dult?"  He never did get to go swimming.

Papa helping The Bairn down from a tree

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