30 July 2014

The Late-Blooming Garden

We always get fewer seeds and plants planted than we want, but we still have a decent garden this year.  I snapped a couple of pictures last week while the kids and I were out in the rain, so it's been weeded and cleaned up a bit more since then.

This is one of the sweet potato plants surrounded by lots of weedy grass.

Here we have most of the garden, only imagine strawberries off to the right and more tomatoes and peppers off to the left.  We're growing four kinds of tomatoes this year and two types of peppers.  We've got yellow, green, and edamame beans still at a very young stage.  And our squash patch is kind of a mystery.  I think we have zucchini and butternut squash; a cantaloupe plant; and a couple of different kinds of cucumber.  Also, as you can see, we have a smiley-face car that no one plays with but comes in handy when there are lots of kids around and the more popular no-face car and tricycle are already in use. 

Planting starts late in Nova Scotia.  Our neighbor told me that we're not supposed to plant until the new moon in June.  By the new moon in June, my mom's already telling us about the 52 vegetables she's pulling out of her garden and buying at the farmers' market and I'm feeling extremely fidgety about my little seedlings. 

We picked our first two cucumbers this week and then immediately ate them plain.  The Bairn and Ellen and I all ate slices and slices of them.  There is just nothing better than food from your own garden.


Nemesis said...

Oh wow, I'm impressed! We can start planting around the end of May here, which already gets me fidgety. Can't wait to see how your stuff turns out.

Nemesis said...

Ok, I misspoke. We can plant TENDER stuff around the end of May. But I'm not in charge of the garden plot and so I can't get into it to plant anything until around then anyway.

Moo said...

Looks great. My garden is the farm's large sweet corn patch, that I do absolutely no work for. Squash patches always surprise me with the food they produce.:)

MBC said...

I just went to check the squash patch and I have no idea what's growing on one of the plants. I can't even get close enough to investigate because it's growing so huge.

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