21 July 2014

Our New Pet

Steve's parents have moved back to Nova Scotia and with them has come all the things Steve was storing at their house in Alberta.  Some of it is good and some of it is not.  The Bairn just about went through the roof with joy when he saw Steve's old, metal Tonka truck and the books are welcome here.  There are also a alarming surprising number of hats.  Cowboy hats, ball caps, toques . . .

A few days after the hats arrived, Steve took me down to the basement to show me the progress he was making on the storage room.  He'd put up some shelves that day and sitting on one of them was a fez.

MBC: Did you wear that fez to put up the shelves?

Steve: It was more fun that way.

Possibly the best thing that came from Alberta was Scribbles, Steve's only pet.  He's a piece of fur with googly eyes and a felt mouth.  Steve's dad made Scribbles a house with carpet and wallpaper that matched Steve's house in the early 80s.

The kids love Scribbles and his house.   This morning I found E with her foot in the house and thought she'd accidentally put it in there, so I helped her out, but a few minutes later she was back in, sitting down, kissing (maybe eating) Scribbles.

(Pretend that this picture isn't in one of the most ghetto corners of our house and that it was taken with something better than a cellphone. )


Ruth Cox said...

Pictures! Ilove pictures! And that pet is the saddest tjing I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Scribble might be sad looking but he has been hibernating for over twenty years.


E said...

What a fabulous idea! I'll have to make a "Scribbles" for my kids - much easier than a dog.

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