20 July 2014

Gems from The Bairn

Steve (to The Bairn): Who do you like best?

Bairn: Mama.  (Turning to me) Her hair is so pretty.  (Then turning back to Steve with an accusing finger) But you're bald!  You have no hair!

The Bairn talks a blue streak in a sweet, 2-year-old voice with a few (sadly disappearing) baby pronunciations and odd turns of phrase.  He still says the 'r' sound like 'oy,' so he often discusses foyk lifts loading and boyds in the sky.  And he's very interested in 'old-time-fashioned vehicles.'

A few days ago he refused to climb into his car seat, so I lifted him in myself, provoking a bit of a fit.  As I buckled myself into my own seat, The Bairn suddenly stopped crying, sighed, and said in a very soft voice, which may have been to himself instead of to me, "I'll feel better in a few minutes."  After a short pause, he continued, "Excuse me, Mama.  Maybe we should go to the zoo, so I can pat a jaguar."

The Bairn has a little friend named Sam whose birthday is just a week after his.  Sam has a netted trampoline and hops like a tiny, joyful mountain goat all across it--up, down, and around.  The Bairn had never been on a trampoline before, so when he went to play with Sam last week, Sam's mother got on with him and held The Bairn's hands to show him how to bounce.  The Bairn bounced a bit, barely letting his feet leave the trampoline surface, and then decided to sit down.  Sam's mom would occasionally ask The Bairn if he wanted to stand up and jump and The Bairn would reply, "How 'bout I just sit here?"

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This post makes me happy.

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