21 August 2014

Adventures in Cheesemaking

Last month someone from Relief Society called to say that they'd like me to teach a class in August and I said, "Sure thing."  And then they started talking about cheesemaking and I said, "Sure thing, except, you know, I don't know how to make cheese."  And then everyone at church started telling me how excited they were for me to do the cheesemaking and someone I know from our little village who doesn't go to church with us but works with someone who does was emailing me to ask if she could come learn the cheesemaking too, and I was all like, "Sure thing, except, I don't know how to make cheese!")

Still, all the people are coming tonight.  And I do know how to make cottage cheese and yogurt.  And I read some books on making cheese.  And this morning I whipped up some paneer to give myself some more cheesemaking credentials.  So wish us luck, because I'm going to be instructing others on cheesemaking in four hours.

This is my paneer.  It cost more than buying a block at the store and probably part of The Bairn's brain, because I let him watch YouTube movies all morning so that he'd stop 'helping' me with it.

1 comment:

eliana23 said...

Todd has been making all sorts of dairy products for the past 18 months. You will be awesome.

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