12 August 2014

Summer Love

We are lovin' the pants off summer (assuming summer has pants).  The Bairn still insists on holding my hand while playing in the spray park, but he's getting braver all the time.  He voluntarily swung on a swing by himself the other week, telling me, "I'm doing clever tricks in the air like Sam."

I sit under the trees in our backyard with the kids while The Bairn races around and Ellen takes a few steps all on her own.  Yesterday The Bairn hurt his foot while running 'like a race car' so I suggested that he slow down and he agreed.  "I'll go slow like a station wagon."

Papa went to the park with us on Saturday (after helping Steve re-plumb the basement) and took Howard up this set of stairs called Jacob's Ladder.

Yesterday our neighbor asked me if I could feel fall in the air.  I can, but we're still summering it up around here.  We have so much sand to throw on the deck and so many slides to go down before snow flies.

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