08 August 2014

Sneak Peek

Steve spent the last week fixing our front hallway.  It needed a lot of work.  You probably can't really appreciate how good it looks if you haven't been to our house. 

I don't even have any shocking 'before' pictures.  This is the closest thing I've got.  You can see the blue beadboard and maybe the drywall on the stairs.  You cannot, however, see the spot where the butterfly-shaped mirrors left holes in the wall or the spot where bolts were pulled out of the wall creating more holes or the door frames which were grey from years of dogs leaning against them or all the spots where there was no trim or the black light switches (or better yet the loon light switch plate) or the electrical outlet that gave BOTH my children shocks.  Also, the living room and hallway are the same color, but the color changes a huge amount based on the kind of light coming in the house.


And AFTER  (see, now the living room looks yellow but it's not)

And AFTER (but still 'before' because we haven't hung pictures or mirrors)


Anonymous said...

I am gob smacked! What a transformation which can only be appreciated by those who were witness to the BEFORE!

Ruth Cox said...

Such a transformation. That Steve is a keeper.

Anonymous said...

While Steve is a keeper, he makes the rest of us guys look like slackers.



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