05 August 2014

For the Grandparents: 9-Months-Old

Ellen is 9-months-old.

She loves her blankies.  When we hand her one, she snuggles it to her face and says something that sounds like ganky.

She stands like a pro and we expect her to take off walking any day now.

She hates having her diaper changed.

She climbs the stairs but hasn't figured out how to come down yet.

She loves music.  We had her over at the market at a concert on the wharf and The Bairn listened briefly and then went to play in the sand, but Ellen was transfixed the entire time and cried when we left.

She loves to be upside down.  If she fusses in church, I can usually just stand her on her head for a bit and then she feels better.

She loves to be chased around and to play lap games.

She is so, so sweet.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little concerned with our little lady being held upside down.



MBC said...

She LOVES it!

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