25 August 2014

Steve's Happy Birthday

Steve's birthday was on Saturday, so we headed to the Exhibition with Papa to celebrate.

The Bairn found construction vehicles in the corn pit and could have stayed there happily until his 18th birthday.  He bypassed patting the bunnies to go play with the toys.  Bunnies.

Ellen was not at all sure about the petting zoo.

When we did drag The Bairn away to visit the 4-H barns, he made friends with this goat and thought it was hilarious when the goat nibbled him.  It may have played a role in his decision to bite his beloved nursery teacher in church the next day.

He loved the tractor display, and the old man guarding the tractors gave him a pin that he wore proudly.

Ellen's favorite thing was eating crackers in the stroller.

The Bairn's one true desire was to ride the little train.  He asked us about it approximately every 30 seconds until noon, when the rides actually opened.  Then he continued to ask about it, because the train was broken and he had to wait some more.  The guy operating it was really nice, though, and let The Bairn ride for an extremely long time.  Until it broke again.  The Bairn is probably the only child in the history of the exhibition to actually get his money's worth on a ride there.

Ellen is not This Tall yet.

I made Steve a black forest cake and The Bairn kindly blew out the candles for him.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Ellen needs a chick! Do you want me to get her one?



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