29 August 2014

A Year's Supply of Peaches

We have been canning.

At the beginning of the week I took the kids outside, handed The Bairn a bucket, set Ellen up in the shade, and picked enough fruit off our tree for Steve to make a canner-load of spiced crab apples.  Steve claims he's going to make the best bbq sauce in the history of the world with the remaining canning syrup.

Wednesday we drove to the Annapolis Valley, my true Nova Scotian home, to buy 100 lbs of peaches.  Whenever we go to Wolfville, I have to spend a lot of time demanding that Steve explain why we don't live there.  They are my people.  For example, at the fruit market where we bought the fruit (and where they sell homemade taquitos and operate a petting zoo/park/playground), a woman asked Steve to come over and lend his strength to moving our peach boxes.  One of the young male employees protested, "Now, now, maybe his strength is poetry."  (It's not.)

Yesterday we spent seven hours processing 23 quarts of peaches and 5 quarts of peach pie filling.

To do this, you must first dress your baby as some kind of weird Hawaiian hobo.

Just because.

Then you must give her fun toys, like empty bowls and forks.

Because she is a gem, this will keep her happy all day.

Then you may proceed with filling three of these buckets with peaches before processing.

Afterward, do not even consider making dinner.  Eat outside at the market down the road.  Sit with old people who come out in droves to hear the live music on Thursday nights.  They will be nice to your baby, even if she's dressed like a freak show.


eliana23 said...

"Maybe his strength is poetry" is one of the loveliest sentences ever. Your baby is not a hobo, way too cute and clean. And now I want peaches.

Lady Susan said...

I was just thinking, "man, the people who can with small children must be crazy!" Or perhaps have more obliging kids. :) angle baby, indeed.

MBC said...

She is, usually, an angel baby, although she wailed during the two canning projects we did this week.

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