01 September 2014


I've been doing yoga every week since December.  I think it reduces the number of times I threaten my 2-year-old with Dire Consequences.  Sometimes he does yoga too.  This is his downward-facing dog.

When I only have a few minutes to get some yoga in, I like to do this Tara Stiles routine for flexibility. It's for beginners and it's quick.

I also like the 30-Day Yoga Challenge videos with Erin Motz.  They're relatively short and I like the variety.

My favorite free yoga videos, though, are from Yoga with Adriene.  I like her yoga philosophy ("find what feels good") and her explanations (finally I know what it means to breath into the backs of my legs) and her videos (lots of restorative yoga).

The best offerings from Yoga with Adriene, for me, have been
the Energizing Morning Practice,
Yoga for the Winter Blues (or the Spring Blues in Canada), and
the Bedtime Yoga Sequence.

Also good for me--not eating all the desserts confiscated from The Bairn after he grabs them off the potluck table.  Lesson for next Labo(u)r Day.

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