19 October 2014

My Bigsy Girl

When Ellen was born, the nurses handed her to me (after pumping her full of oxygen) and she seemed entirely familiar.  I looked at her and thought, "Well there's my Baby E." 

Today she turned one.  

She gives the best kisses.  Actual kisses with a satisfying mmmm-wah sound effect to accompany each one. 

She climbs like a monkey. 

She's sweet and gentle. 

We love her dearly.  Today in the car The Bairn was watching her sleep and said to me, "She's so cute.  Can I hug and kiss her?"

Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with Steve's parents and aunt, two little children close to my kids' ages, and the children's mothers.  Ellen enjoyed a pumpkin roll.

Now, right this moment, she is enjoying some jet-lagged staying awake past her bedtime.  Again.  I will forgive her because it is her special day.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to receive one of the kisses from Ellen. One of the best things in the world!



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