22 October 2014

Still with the Jet Lag

Things to Know about Our Trip to Utah

  1. It was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
  2. My sister made delicious food, and children performed magic tricks and dances and violin solos and renditions of songs from Disney movies I've never seen.
  3. One of my brothers is an undercover cop, so he has kind of a white supremacist look going on, but he was the person Ellen warmed up to the fastest.  What does this say about my baby?
  4. My other brother is the kind of uncle who swoops in with donuts and $10 bills, making him the relative to watch in the competition for favorite aunt/uncle.
  5. While The Bairn was in heaven in Utah (and I considered sending him back there today when he was throwing a fit and knocking my art off the walls), Ellen was in baby hell.  She couldn't stand being so loved by so many.  She even refused to dance while we were away.  Now that we're back she's much happier but she refuses to sleep in her crib and she can't get back on Atlantic Time.
  6. We had a family picture taken. It's a good picture, but I got a cheap haircut right when we got to Utah, so I can't get over how bad I look in the photo.  Also, apparently, I'm fatter than I thought I was.   
  7. Possibly I'm fatter than I thought because I'm always stress-eating chocolate chips and peanuts when my child is throwing fits and knocking my art off the walls. 
The Bairn climbing a fence with a cousin.  He's having a hard time now that he's home and can't roam around outside as much as he could on vacation.


Ruth Cox said...

We all look fat in the pictures on my computer, but on my phone, we look normal. The picture of you and Steve and babies is great. Your haircut is fine. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ruth, I never look good in pictures or the mirror for that matter. They both lie!


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