30 October 2014

Fun Time Pastime

My kids love the mall.  I don't know what's wrong with them.

I nipped a fit in the bud this week by offering to take The Bairn to ride on the "riders" at our local mall.  A nice old man saw me unloading both kids at one of the little rides and, after making the obligatory you've got your hands full remark, started pulling coins from his pockets to set the ride on its clunky see-sawing way.  I frantically shook my head, mouthing, He doesn't KNOW.  The Bairn just enjoys sitting across from a pig in a jaunty hat.  He doesn't need the pig to teeter-totter with him.

It's mostly just the three of us and the elderly at the mall on any given morning.  The old people eat donuts in the food court and laugh when The Bairn yells at the motorcycle ride to go faster or makes loud revving sound effects. 

Between rides, I stuff The Bairn back into the stroller and Ellen back into the side sling and we zip into stores to check prices on baby girl snow boots.  The price of baby girl snow boots is outlandish!  We will never ever buy new baby girl snow boots. 

As soon as we get to the car, The Bairn starts asking when we can return.  Seriously, what's wrong with this kid?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry he gets it from me, as he gets older you can funnel that talent into long healthy walks and museum tours.

Anonymous said...

I think the Bairn may have been around his uncle James too long? I remember taking James to the mall every Saturday morning.

Really, next to Long John Silvers, the mall was his favorite place to go.



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