04 March 2015

Five Years

Is it too late to say that Steve and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary two weeks ago?  And Steve's dad came and babysat?  And we went to get the oil changed in the car because we are extra romantic?  Except then we went to Halifax to eat really, really good Vietnamese food and see a play (but first we stopped to check the price of 50 lb bags of oatmeal), so it was actually a very nice celebration.  I can't remember the last time I've been out so late, and I felt strange without being accessorized by babies.  Today when I went to the post office to pick up a package, The Bairn's lip trembled when I told him I was going without him, because he and Ellen and I like to do absolutely everything together, preferably with both of them clinging to me and pulling my hair the whole time, but Steve's Dad knows the trick of all the very best babysitters and he brought a whole stack of movies for The Bairn to watch, so I don't think I was missed at all that night.

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