14 April 2015

This is What Easter Looked Like

It snowed on Easter, but we still used the flower-shaped gelatin mold, because we were full of hope that one day it would stop.  (I think it has now.)  This jellied thing, by the way, is a new addition to our Easter feast and it's the best thing we've discovered in years.  It's a savory mustard ring to eat with the ham.  Steve got the recipe from a friend who got it from her husband's grandmother and it is so unexpectedly good.

I colored eggs with the kids on Saturday.  It took approximately two minutes start to finish and two of the eight eggs were cracked before they made it to the refrigerator.  The Bairn got to wear his art smock (read: ugly old shirt of Steve's), though, and I introduced him to this little ditty: Don't knock my smock or I'll clean your clock.  It was the highlight of his day even though he didn't understand why the clocks needed to be cleaned.

We hid plastic Easter eggs on Sunday.  I only put raisins and peanuts and stickers in them, but The Bairn still went crazy.

He liked his bucket.

He wore it as a hat.

I made Easter bunny rolls for breakfast.  They were really huge and marked the beginning of my descent into a month of wearing fat pants.

Ellen wore these great leggings, which took my mind off the snow.

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Anonymous said...

The Bairn is looking more like a boy than a baby!



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