30 April 2015

Back to Reality

We just spent two weeks in the US visiting my parents.  About halfway through the trip, my mom overheard The Bairn talking to himself, saying, I need to go home.  I don't need to go to Dollywood.  I just need to go to Nova Scotia.  He mentioned home to me a couple of times too, so I thought he'd be glad when I told him we were headed home at the end of the trip, but he protested, What!?  But I want to stay here forever!  I don't want to go home.  And as we were driving away from Grandma's house, he kept asking, Why are we going away from Grandma?

He seems to be glad he's home now that he's actually in his house with his toys, and I'm the one saying, Take me back!  Take me back!  There's still snow on my lawn.  And I already ate all the chocolate-covered cinnamon bears my sister sent me, so there's very little solace.

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