07 May 2015

Tennessee 2015

We spent two weeks in the States in April. We drove down over two nights, staying with my brother when we stopped. The Bairn is very impressed by his cousin's big city, although she had to scold him for not knowing how to walk properly on city sidewalks.  On the way back, we stayed with my sister's college roommate and her family.  Steve wants them to adopt him, I think.  They're very nice.

Most of the trip was spent with my parents and this is what we did:

Dug in the dirt with the tools Grandma got the kids.

Flew a kite with Grandpa.

It kind of got up in the air.

Played on the playground up the street.

Visited Dollywood.  This little kid water feature was Ellen's favorite part.  She got totally soaked but was a devoted fan even after she got sprayed directly in the face while peering into one of the fountain hole things.

Both kids rode the carousel. Only one of them enjoyed it.

Howard and Steve rode the ferris wheel and when The Bairn saw how high it was going to go, he handed Steve his imaginary birds and asked him to take care of them on the ride.

We all rode the steam train.

My mom doesn't like this picture, but I do.  I can't get enough pictures of my mom snuggling up my babies and The Bairn was a frequent resident on her lap for stories and discussions.

Tennessee Part II: The National Cornbread Festival + a dead armadillo.

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James Cox said...

I love all these photos

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