24 May 2015


Sunday is usually a difficult day in our house, but after Steve left for his early meetings, I got the kids bathed and dressed and all the appropriate bags packed for church with plenty of time to spare.  Ellen looked fantastic.  She likes to pick out her own clothes and today she selected a charming polka dot dress and hat and added blue rain boots for extra flair.  She would have looked great if she'd actually made it to church in that outfit, but she drenched herself in water at the kitchen sink while I was eating caramel popcorn and looking up moo shu pork recipes in Steve's office, as one does in preparation for the Sabbath day.  The Bairn also found a pair of rubber boots, which he put on to add extra force when he attempted to kick the office door in, after discovering I was in there and not planning to come out immediately.  I let him have a piece of the caramel corn after making him cry by yelling at him about the door kicking.

We are really, really good at Sundays.

But seriously, you would have loved Ellen's outfit.


Anonymous said...

Did you take a picture of her in the outfit?



MBC said...

I wanted to, but I couldn't find the camera. Steve uses it for work a lot, so sometimes I'm not sure where it is. She looked great, though!

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