10 December 2015

I like women.

I like women.  They're nice.

I invited three women from church over for lunch today.  They all have children my age.  I really didn't intend for it to go this way, but after I asked them to come, they all immediately responded with requests to bring something, so I had very little cooking to do.  One of the women came early to help me wash dishes and finish the soup I was making and to give me a Christmas gift.  The others stayed to clean up, even sweeping the floor.  They asked The Bairn to sing them songs (which he is always happy to do) and when Ellen whined, they said, "Don't get up," and then took her on their own laps and fed her rolls and oranges.

I'm always slightly hesitant to invite people over because it seems like it will be a lot of work and I'm not up for much while pregnant and parenting one 2-year-old whine machine and one 3-year-old constant negotiator.  My ladies lunch today, though, was easier than having lunch alone.

I just love women.  They're nice.

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J Brogan said...

I love that story. Your descriptions are the best!

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