14 December 2015

Merry Christmas to Me

I bought myself a Christmas present this year.  It's this Brian Kershisnik print.

When Steve saw it, he said, "I'm surprised you like it.  You hate it when the kids climb up you like that.  I would have thought it would remind you of something annoying."  I do hate it when The Bairn climbs up me while I'm kneeling down to help his sister or pick up a shoe or whatever, but I saw this painting and recognized life with small children immediately.  I love it.


CSIowa said...

I bought this for my brother and his wife for Christmas when I was at the BYU MOA this summer. I hope they love it as much as you do. Okay, it's mostly for his wife.

Amy said...

I love Brian Kershisnik. This is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your mother said that was what you always did to her.

Back in the day.



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