28 December 2015

Christmas Pictures

We're still Christmas-ing it up today and tomorrow, but here are some pictures from the past few days.

This is actually a picture from early in the month when we put our tree up.  The kids were really good about not bothering the ornaments this year, even though Ellen is in love with the jumping jack George Washington and has to talk to him occasionally and make him jump up and down.

Christmas morning - Daddy is helping Ellen put her new hair clips in her hair.  Most of our Christmas morning photos are really bad, both because we couldn't find our camera and because it was Christmas morning so no one was groomed and Steve took lots of pictures of me looking pregnant.  Ellen most loved the bubble wrap we gave her and the wooden box that the kids' new blocks came in.  She calls the box her 'nest.'

We used our real china for supper for the first time.  It was much fancier than normal, although we need a tablecloth that fits our new table and a water pitcher that's not a brown, plastic affair from the 1970s.  The kids were really really into the Christmas crackers, but it took a lot of explaining to get them to drop the idea that there was anything edible about them.

The weather was in the 50s last week, so we went to the park to see the waterfalls on Boxing Day.

We like taking Daddy to the park with us.

Then the next day we got a massive snow storm.  I took the kids out for a nighttime snow adventure, which they think is very fancy, since they're not usually allowed to play outside after dark.

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