02 January 2016

And a Happy New Year

We finished Christmas celebrations by taking a family trip to Halifax on Monday evening.  We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant where The Bairn spent the whole time trying to talk to the guys working in the kitchen by calling softly to them from his seat at the counter and motioning to the pictures of smoothies on the wall to try to send a preschool message that his mother would not allow him to buy a $4 smoothie (or anything, he was eating crackers and cheese out of Tupperware) but to please bring him one anyway.

We stayed in a hotel that night, which may have been the most thrilling thing to happen to the children all year.  They sat in the lobby with their feet sticking straight off the armchairs while The Bairn engaged a middle-aged couple in a conversation about where the air ducts were directing all the air in the hotel, and Ellen almost lost her mind (quietly) over the Christmas decorations.  We swam in the pool and watched TV and then slept almost not at all, because The Bairn was scared of the dark and Steve and I took turns snoring and waking one another up.  We enjoyed our free hot breakfast anyway and dragged the kids off to a couple of stores and to the children's science center before eating Chinese pastries and allowing the kids to pass out almost immediately on the car ride home.

On New Year's Eve, we invited a family with a little boy The Bairn's age over for fondue and snacks.  It was another thrilling event for our children.  The Bairn took endless joy in sneaking marshmallows (for the chocolate fondue) off the table until he ate too much, told me he thought he needed a vomit bowl, and had a major meltdown following the confiscation of his hammer (hammer confiscation = unrelated to marshmallows.  Probably.).  We counted down the new year around 7 pm and dragged The Bairn off to bed shortly thereafter while he was gearing up for another meltdown.  He finds the holidays a bit much.

Christmas Sunday in a sweet dress and vintage pants that don't fit.

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J Brogan said...

Such a cute picture!

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