14 January 2016

For My Own Future Reference: Pregnancy Videos

The hallmarks of this third pregnancy have been as follows

1.  Worse morning sickness than usual that lasted longer than usual.

2.  Pregnancy rage - like crazy, irrational, adrenaline-blast rage.  It seems to have gone away this week, and I feel like I've recovered from a mental illness.  Now I'm just back to the regular Why-Are-All-the-Bread-Pans-Floating-in-the-Toilet induced anger that comes with small children.

3.  A really intense sweet tooth.  I like sweet things anyway, but this pregnancy I want to eat ALL the sweet things and I'm nice and fat to prove it.  For my own future reference, I've listed some of my favorite online pregnancy exercise videos that I use to combat my current habits (and the rage) a little bit.  In case we have another baby.  I warned Steve that this was the very last baby during my terrible first trimester, but he says I say that every pregnancy.


What to Expect Yoga

Katy Appleton

Best 10 Minute Workout

Prenatal Yoga


Amy said...

Sorry about the rage. I feel you, although for me maybe it's more of a constant state? My third pregnancy was terrible, too. I threw up all nine months. I mostly ate Hershey's bars and hot chocolate so my throw up wouldn't taste so gross coming up. It was the longest nine months of my life.

And I can tell I'm getting too far from the baby years because I'm getting all misty-eyed about how much I love that ten-year-old baby and how I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

Anonymous said...

Now I know two things for certain. 1) Why men don't have babies aside from the obvious physical issues, because we couldn't handle the trial. 2) Why I spent most of my time away at sea during my wife's pregnancy, same reason as above.

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