29 January 2016

Four Years Old

The Bairn turned four on Tuesday.  As is traditional, I gave him a truly awful haircut for his birthday and a super low-key party.  The Bairn has a couple of friends whose birthday parties he attends.  There are bouncy castles and party favors and one million presents involved in these parties.  I'm always worried that The Bairn will compare these parties to his own and feel let down by what Steve and I offer him, but so far, the small parties we have are still enough to send him into a frenzy of celebration.  This year Steve's parents and aunt joined us for a crepes (The Bairn's favorite food) and an ice cream cake that I'm mostly getting to finish off all by myself because everyone else seems to have forgotten it down in the deep freeze.

The mint chocolate ice cream cake I made The Bairn.  Ellen was indignant that she didn't get to blow out the candles.

I'm not sure what Ellen is doing here but she's got some pretty crazy hair going on.

At four-years-old The Bairn
  • loves to snuggle.
  • enjoys all things involving wheels.
  • has learned to make his own bed, takes his dishes to the sink, and has finally given up a sippy cup.
  • keeps a pile of coins in a shoe on his bedside table (he made his first thrilling purchase with birthday money from my parents this week).
  • is deeply interested in male anatomy.
  • still naps (hallelujah!).
  • adores anything silly.


James Cox said...

I want that cake

MBC said...


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