15 February 2016

Baby Bump

The other day I was telling my mom about how Ellen and The Bairn like to talk to my stomach every morning and ask the baby how he's doing in there, and my mom replied, "Oh, you must be showing," which is hilarious because I've been showing since about 20 minutes after I took the pregnancy test back in AUGUST.

I asked Steve to take a baby bump photo that didn't include my face, but I didn't really intend for it to be quite like this.

I also called my sister last week.  I needed to tell her that I was wearing leggings, which is hilarious because leggings.  I know it's apparently okay to wear leggings again, but even if I hadn't been sporting a baby belly since August, I wouldn't be able to pull them off.  They're so soft, though, that I'm still plotting a way I can wear them outside the house while keeping my dignity intact.

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