23 February 2016

Steve and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday.  This fall when I was sick and Steve was working all the time, we discovered that if we don't have some sort of family vacation every few months, every single one of us start to lose it a little bit.  So, in the spirit of just embracing the fact that we live in Canada, we decided to take a family trip to the Jack Frost Festival on Prince Edward Island over our anniversary.  It rained and stayed above freezing for two days before we left.  There was almost no snow in Nova Scotia.  No terrible winter to embrace.  They had to manufacture some of the snow for the festival this year.

It was a good trip but there were a couple of complications that we did not consider when we were booking the trip, such as:

  • I'm 31 weeks pregnant and all of the outdoor activities at the festival, other than ice carving demonstrations and wagon rides, were unsuitable for me.  There were all kinds of ice slides and tobogganing.  Steve assured me that the hill he liked best would have caused instant labor to occur, as it sent him sailing into the air.
  • Ellen has been ill frequently in the last six months.  She started slowing down Friday morning before we left, so I knew to pack her inhalers, but she only went down one ice slide before vomiting and spending the rest of her time outside asking to be held and stoically looking at snow dinosaurs until the shuttle bus could take the two of us back to the hotel.

This was The Bairn's favorite slide.

Ellen looking sick and sad next to a snow dinosaur.

We still had a great time.  By Saturday afternoon Ellen was feeling fine again and thoroughly enjoyed the bouncy castle and balloon animals and other indoor attractions.  She was also deeply in love with the giant banana, a grocery store mascot, she got to high five and it led her to tell her first joke, "Knock knock.  Who's there?  I didn't said manna."  Her very favorite parts of the trip, though, were the shuttle buses, especially the old blue school bus we rode, and watching TV in the hotel.  She keeps asking me when we're going back to the "festibal" and pretending that her fingers are in a hotel watching "Bubble Gummies."


CSIowa said...

We have pictures of our family in the snow around a campfire, waiting for our foil dinners to cook. My recollection is that it was 24 degrees. We were helping my son get his Outdoorsman activity pin to finish his Arrow of Light before we moved. We found out two days later that my daughter had pneumonia the whole time. Do they inflict cub scouts on you in Canada?

MBC said...

We have scouts but it's very different from the US program--much more Baden-Powell/Jungle Book themed, as it was originally, apparently. It's not sponsored by the church, so I don't know if our kids will end up scouting or not.

James Cox said...

the great thing about having a lumbering father is his, ummm, lumberingness. I'm only like 2 times the size of A, Steve is like 3 or 4 Bairns.

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