27 March 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter!

Friday we dyed Easter eggs.  This is the first year that this activity lasted longer than 5 minutes.  The following morning, Ellen chose one of her pink eggs to eat for breakfast and chomped straight into it, shell and all.

Yesterday we did Easter baskets after naps.  The Bairn is sporting some super post-nap hair here.  The kids only got one sweet treat in their baskets--a kinder egg for each of them--which they immediately devoured.

This was also the first year I attempted to recreate the bunny cakes we always had growing up.  I made mine with  a carrot cake, though, so the soft cream cheese icing didn't make for a very pretty bunny.  Also I couldn't find jelly beans at the grocery store (!?), so the eyes and nose are wrong, but we chomped that bunny right up.  Delicious.

Today we hunted for Easter eggs in the house and ate our Easter feast.  I pulled the china out and used candles, which is how we demonstrate to the kids that we are having a fancy time.

I threw them into bed almost immediately after supper, both because we ate a bit late and because Fancy Times send them over the edge.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter from Grammie and Papa

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