07 April 2016

37 + 4

I started packing my hospital bag this week.  The teeny tiny newborn diapers (as usual) look impossibly small - like I'm expecting a squirrel to come live with us rather than a tiny human.  I glanced at an online packing list to see if there was anything important I was forgetting to include for my trip to the hospital, but then I remembered that those lists are created by people who do not appear to have actually given birth in a hospital before.  Has anyone ever actually needed a stopwatch or their own washcloths at a hospital birth?

The really important list, that I'm writing myself, is the Steve Instruction List for Labor and Delivery. It includes all of Steve's most important jobs during my labor, such as refraining from talking about ham radio and remembering not to say one single word about how tiring/difficult it is to watch someone give birth to a person who is actually delivering a human being into the world.

Yesterday The Bairn told me that he would like me to get "unfat" and let him see this baby.  We'd all like that, kid.


James Cox said...

Does Steve really complain about it being tiring?

MBC said...

He doesn't complain WHILE I'm in labor, but afterwards he sometimes goes on about how tiring it was for him. (In his defense, after my first labor, the nurses handed him the baby and then left for 3 hours while they took me to surgery, so he'd been up with me since about 5 am and then had to try to figure out what to do with a newborn on his own and then had to get himself home without a car at 1 or 2 in the morning.)

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