03 May 2016

Hey, Look, a Baby

I had a baby on Friday.  I woke Steve up at 3:00 am and made him go to the hospital even though my labor wasn't very advanced because I kept hearing terrifying stories about 3rd babies being born so quickly that they were practically delivered in the car.  We could have stayed home longer.

I did not like the doctor who delivered the baby, but the nurse was a childhood friend of Steve's who he had not seen in 30 years and she was amazing.  I imagine that having her for a nurse was like having a doula.  She gave great back rubs and murmured reassuring mantras and advocated for me with the doctor and other nurses to keep them from using interventions that I didn't want.

I stayed in the hospital overnight, but I should have taken the 2 night option that I was offered.  If there is a next time, future self take note: stay in the hospital with the pain killers and meals on order for one more day.

Steve's parents had already been staying with us for about a week, because I had several rounds of false labor and because the baby was 5 days overdue, when we went to the hospital.  My parents arrived in town about 6 hours after I gave birth.

Steve and my parents and my in-laws brought the kids to the hospital to meet their new brother.  The Bairn told the baby jokes and The Bairn and Ellen both made me toast in the family kitchen.

We brought the baby home Saturday afternoon and held a tiny birthday party for him on Sunday and have introduced him to the noisy life of a third child.  Today he was super fussy, so I put him in the sling for the first time and The Bairn asked, "Why did you put your baby back inside?"


eliana23 said...

baby! His hands are huge

James Cox said...

RHC loves babies

James Cox said...

also, I love him

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