17 May 2016


My parents left yesterday.  Steve pulled out an extra good husband move by coming home early for lunch, bringing him back within 15 minutes of when my mom walked out the door, so that he would be there for my My Mom Is Gone breakdown.  He pulled a double good husband move by deciding we should have hamburgers from my favorite place in town for supper.

I have also been employing the following coping mechanisms:

-Allowing the children to watch Netflix until their brains melt

-Making House of Dittmer cookies and then eating too many

-Considering setting Ellen out on the curb with a 'FREE' sign around her neck, as she is also having a breakdown.  (Have decided to keep her as The Bairn is making up for her unpleasantness by being extra sweet and because her daddy wants to keep her.)


CSIowa said...

Sounds like you're doing it all correctly. As you know, it generally keeps getting easier. Also, you adjust your standards. I have confidence in you!

eliana23 said...

This next little bit is hard. Good luck. Smell the baby's head and it will help just a smidge.

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