28 August 2016

Gems from The Bairn

Upon finding a dead frog in the yard, "Well, I guess Jesus will just resurrect him."

Feeling unsatisfied that I don't know how he can go find God while he's still alive, "Maybe we could ask Santa Claus.  He has some magic he could use to help us."  (I've never endorsed Santa Claus or told my kids that anything they receive on Christmas is from Santa Claus, but The Bairn has suddenly decided that he is the real deal.  He spent part of the morning examining a World Book to try to find Santa's house in the North Pole.)

At bedtime on a day when he was reprimanded for behaving too loudly at a function, "Oh, mom, I am not an expert at quiet."

While at a playground near a Lions' Club building with Steve, "But how did the lions build this?  They just have paws."

Snuggling me at bedtime, "Do you know why I love you so much?  Because you are my mama."


Ruth Cox said...

I srenchy do love that little guy. He's the best.

Anonymous said...

I love the way my Howard thinks. 😘

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