10 August 2016

Three Months Old

Our baby boy is three months old.  Almost 3 1/2.  When you're number three and it's canning season (zucchini pineapple and raspberry jam this past week!) and your mama is helping run a small business (I started this post an hour ago and then got distracted writing a job description for the new employee and sending out an invoice), sometimes it takes a bit longer than it should to get your own special monthly post up.

Anyway, Natey is our doll baby.

He's getting very tall and he's passing that Winston Churchill phase and starting to look like his own sweet self.

Here he is working on escaping off this blanket.

He can roll from his tummy to his back and scoots himself off his blanket during tummy time somehow.

He doesn't really care for the sling and he's not a fan of daytrips, so life's rough for him, but he's very good-natured anyway.

Sometimes we call him Franklin because he looks a bit like a baby turtle without his shell.

He absolutely adores the older kids and may love The Bairn more than anyone else in the family.  He absolutely lights up for his brother.

He laughs when we tickle him or say silly things to him.

He freezes when I pull out the camera, but, look! baby shorts.

We love him so.  My favorite part of the day is when all three kids snuggle up in bed first thing in the morning with me and Steve and sing Natey songs and ask him questions while he yawns and laughs.


James Cox said...

I love him.

Moo said...

What a cute baby you have!

E said...

He's lovely!

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