16 October 2016

5 1/2 Months Old

My little sweetie boy is at my very favorite baby age.  I can't get enough of him.  He's very round and dimply.  He spends a lot of time on his hands and knees but hasn't figured out crawling yet.  He's become an awful nighttime sleeper.  I don't know if it's because he's teething or is prone to terrible diaper rashes or if he's just not interested in sleeping at night (like a certain Bairn I know).

I recently started feeding him solids, maybe partially because he looks so cute peeking around in a high chair.  He loves everything I've given him--bananas and peaches and yogurt mostly.  He also enjoys gagging himself with a baby spoon.

Here he is looking extra precious in a hat.

Snuggling his mama on Canadian Thanksgiving.

I left him alone with the bigger kids for one minute . . .

Maybe a silicone hat isn't so bad after all.

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