03 November 2016

The Sheep

A sheep showed up in our backyard the other week.  It circled the house a few times before settling in for a stay.  The kids were in the house losing their minds.  They were very, very concerned about getting the sheep home.  The Bairn unrolled a ball of yarn all through the house to make a trail for the sheep to follow.  He was planning to unroll the yarn all the way to the nearest farms in the community.  Ellen offered to use her superkitty powers to fly the sheep to its home.  The Bairn thought that perhaps we should call 911.  Steve phoned a sheep farmer friend to see what he knew (he knew nothing, but he offered to send some tasty recipes if we couldn't find the sheep's owner
).  I said a prayer with the kids that we could help the sheep get home and then we went to church and I said some extra (silent) prayers that we wouldn't have a dead sheep on the country highway where we live when we got back.

The sheep spent the night in our backyard, until a farmer came to trap it the next day.  It turns out that the sheep had escaped from the fun farm where Ellen celebrated her birthday.  The kids sat on the back of the couch watching the capture and then rejoiced when they were able to go play on the swing set again.

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