28 February 2017


My baby turns 10-months-old this week.

He loves

  • playing ball.  Aunt Jean gave him a little baby-sized ball and he's actually very good at sitting on the floor with me or The Bairn and throwing it back and forth.  He's very pleased with himself about it too.
  • blueberries, peaches, and sweet potato pancakes.  All of those foods make him kick his feet and scream for more.  (He hasn't quite embraced sign language yet.)
  • opening cupboards and drawers and rifling through the contents.  He pulls open my bottom filing drawer and attempts to rearrange my files every single day.
  • being tickled.  The kids like to take turns tickling him, because he gives such satisfying little laughs and giggles.  It actual sounds like he's saying, "Hee hee."
  • walking around like a boss.  He started walking about 3 weeks ago and it's darling.  
I just love snuggling him up during naps and rocking him is one of my favorite parts of the day.


Lunicrax said...

Wow, that's an early walker!!! :) Domi waited a loooong time. And then when he learnt it (16 months), he refused doing it, because he was such a fast crawler. Not until we had some visitors with young kids did he finally decide to upgrade , at 18 months! :)

Lunicrax said...

He is totally adorable btw. I hear you on the snuggles... I'm going to miss those!

sumon tripura said...
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