03 February 2017

A 5-Year-Old Boy

The Bairn turned five last week.  We didn't invite any children to his party, but his friend Sam made him a birthday card and the little girls who live behind us showed up at the door with a card for him also.  We took cupcakes to his preschool class (my 'helpers' just about sent me over the edge making those cupcakes) and then we had a family party with crepes (The Bairn's favorite food) and homemade ice cream cake (which was fairly gross but met the birthday boy's specifications).

Eating a leftover cupcake from preschool.

We attempted to visit the wave pool for our family birthday trip, but there was an incident before we arrived so it was closed down for cleaning and we visited the natural history museum instead and then let The Bairn eat chicken fingers and naan at an Indian restaurant in Halifax.

Reading at Grandma's house over Christmas break.

At five-years-old The Bairn is very interested in the world.  He spends a good chunk of his days discussing ghost ships and unsolved mysteries (he has solutions for the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge).  We're currently reading an adult book together about the Mary Celeste mystery.  He loves reading books about Lego constructions and building little cars with his actual Lego bricks.  He plays with Hot Wheels and Transformers.  He's very interested in helping me cook.  He loves playing with Natey but I have to spend a lot of time asking him to stop picking up his brother.  He wants to keep the Sabbath 'unholy,' he tells me.  He cannot get enough snuggles and tickles.  Sometimes he says to me, 'Mom, could you snuggle me?  My snuggle bank is really low.'  He explained to me recently that all the snuggles I give him during the day slip out of the snuggle bank at night, so he needs to cuddle a lot every day.  He's very recently started calling me mother, which he pronounces mudder.  So I hear a lot of Oh, Mudder!  He would like to live on candy.  He is a sweetheart.

Snuggling a brother.


Lunicrax said...

Wow, what a cutie!! And a smartie too!

eliana23 said...

He's losing his squishiness. That makes me a little sad. But I think I would play with him. And his snuggle bank.

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