06 April 2017


Baby Boy is 11-months-old.  He seems more like a baby to me than the other two did at this age, probably because he has an older brother and sister.

At 11 months, his favorite activities are

Climbing the stairs.  Any time the gate at the bottom of the stairs is left open, Natey heads straight for it with great purpose and starts his climb to the 2nd floor.

Throwing things into other things.  We were in a hotel in Nashville last month and before I left the room each day I checked the garbage cans, because Nate spent all his time filling them with shoes and socks and whatever he could get his hands on.  He especially loves throwing rolls of toilet paper into the toilet and cars and trucks into Ellen's little potty.

Brushing his teeth.  His favorite toy is a toothbrush that he walks around with and bites.

Riding in the backpack.  He's been sick and teething lately and the only thing that really satisfies him is to ride on my back in the backpack most of the day.

Taking baths.

The older kids still adore him and love to play with him, although I often have to shoo them away because they get a bit rough and want to tie him up and drag him around.

Don't be fooled.  He's never ever slept in this crib, but he likes to play in it and throw things out of it onto the floor.

He was actually enjoying wearing these goggles until the kids insisted on taking a photo with him wearing them and then he quickly had enough of it.  This is probably a good representation of his life at 11-months-old, though.  He's deeply loved but sometimes it annoys him.

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