23 April 2017

Christmas 2016

It seems a shame to have completely skipped over Christmas, since so much of it was so nice, so here's a little recap.

One of my very favorite moments of the whole Christmas season was sitting at the piano one day playing Christmas songs while my sweet E sang along.  I also had a very peaceful, Christmasy-feeling hour sitting on the couch watching my happy kids play after having our Nova Scotia Christmas with Steve's parents.

We spent two weeks in Tennessee over Christmas.  We flew in the hopes that I would still like my husband and children by the end of the trip.  A road trip seemed beyond my capacity this year, so we booked cheapish tickets, spent the night in a hotel the night before and left before dawn one December morning.

Kids Waiting for Christmas Dinner

There have never been so many cookies in my mother's house ever.  They just kept coming.  There were three or four tins of homemade cookies open at any given time and when one tin ran out, another miraculously appeared.  The kids could hardly believe their good luck.

We visited Dollywood and I have never seen E so pleased.  She loves riding in a 'bee plane.'  I rode the Scrambler with The Bairn, teaching me that I am very old.  I felt quite sick afterwards and was pretty happy that Steve wanted to go on the bumper cars with him.

My brother and his family joined us a few days after Christmas and we ate very tasty BBQ with them.

He was up first on Christmas morning.

We almost all got sick.  My mom took The Bairn to church without me one week, because I was too sick and reported that it was all fine, but during the sacrament service, The Bairn informed everyone that he was not thinking about Jesus, he was thinking about a duck.

E also extra loved the children's museum.

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