05 June 2017

One-Year-Old Boy

Natey's birthday was at the end of April.  His brother and sister were very excited for him.  The Bairn spent a lot of time thinking about possible cakes for him and woke up early for days before the birthday, because he was so excited about the day.  He (The Bairn) was disappointed that there were no decorations on the actual birthday and when I told him I had streamers if he wanted to put them up, he said, "Yes, let's put a streamer outside the house that says: The [Family] house - it's run down but, still, it's home."

On the big day, we took the whole family, including Grammie and Papa, to the children's museum in Halifax and, then, my favorite part, we grabbed lunch at the big seaport farmers market just down the road.  The Bairn ate a giant pretzel, so we spent the next two weeks fashioning giant pretzels at home. ( Ellen was insistent on making teeny tiny pretzels and also making large, strangely shaped creations with her dough.)

I made a sad-looking bunny cake and we fed the birthday boy his favorite meal: spaghetti and peas.

Little Natey is so small and cute.  He kisses on request but generally turns his head away when the other kids try to kiss him.  He loves to 'beep' our noses  while triumphantly announcing, "Bup!  Bup!"  He's recently figured out how to climb up on the kids' chairs, but he can't get down, so I often finding him standing on a chair in the middle of The Bairn's room hollering.  He is a master mess maker and also excellent at snuggling.  We love to hear his little feet pattering around the house.


Ruth Cox said...

He wears his fathers' haircut well.



J Brogan said...

It was a great birthday. I would never disparage any cake. Especially a bunny cake. Grammie and Papa enjoyed sharing Nately's birthday.

eliana23 said...

Your descriptions bring me joy.

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