20 July 2017


The Bairn is playing tee ball this summer.  Twice a week we drive to ball field in a neighbouring village and The Bairn spends a great deal of time making dust storms and sitting down on the bases.  He also does a lot of this:

I didn't realize until we got to the ball field that he was wearing boots instead of sneakers.
It's hard to play tee ball in boots.

I thought that maybe he wasn't really enjoying the world of sports (which he would come by honestly), but then when he was chatting to Grandma on the phone about it, he declared that tee ball is amazing and that he loves it.  Also, his coach gave him a team t-shirt this week that The Bairn was shocked to discover he could take home and keep.

This is Ellen's favorite thing about tee ball:

She really wishes this were her puppy, but it belongs to a long-suffering family that lets her drag their pet around.

The Bairn also started swimming lessons this week.  He's very nervous about getting his head wet while swimming, so I have to make lots of deals in the morning.  Okay, if you jump off the side today, you can have cereal when you get home.  And he requests lots of prayers to make him brave for swim class.

Ellen much prefers watching The Bairn swim to watching The Bairn sit on a ball field (despite the lack of puppies).

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eliana23 said...

This summarizes why we have never done a sport.

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