22 October 2007

Weekend Update, Part 1

This weekend I went to the Pumpkin Walk in Cache Valley. Local groups and individuals create scenes using pumpkins. It's a little bit like food sculptures, which I whole-heartedly support. Boiled eggs for breakfast? Very nice. Boiled eggs that look like mice? Happiness on a plate.

Five Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed
(I like the monkey on the right, who's already fallen off and broken his head.)

(I think it's freaky how much this actually looks like John Travolta did in the movie.)

The rest of the weekend went kind of like this:
1. Stayed overnight with friends in Logan

2. Visited one of my childhood homes

3. Tried to visit the book I wrote in the first grade that's in a Northern Utah library's collection (it was CHECKED OUT--apparently, it has greater literary merit and appeal than one might imagine a book about a princess and a chicken who play soccer would)

4. Perused the cheeses at an international food store (was sorely tempted to buy digestive biscuits)

5. Hung out in the lobby of a Comfort Inn for a couple of hours (the desk clerk was extremely kind)

6. Had dinner with three of my college roommates, one sister of a roommate, and four babies

Babies are nice.


Nemesis said...

What night did you see the Pumpkin Walk? I was there on Friday!

MBC said...

We were there on Friday, too! We got there about 9:00.

Amy said...

What roommates? Any of mine? I think it's weird that I have no roommates that you didn't have, but you have lots that I didn't have. Hmm. . .

MBC said...

Amy-It was all the Harris Hall roommates who currently live in Utah and Colorado.

Amy said...

Aww, maaaaaan!

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