16 December 2008

E Recommends a Great Song

My friend E is super fantastic for many reasons, including the following:

1. When we were roommates, she had dance parties with me in her bedroom every night that I requested it, even though she was in law school at the time. If you've ever known many law students, you will realize that most of them are not this much fun and will not tear themselves away from tort law long enough to bust out the Enrique dance moves.

2. She makes me laugh.

3. That one time when I thought I would die if I didn't get some Chinese dumplings right the second I thought of them (which happened to be at 10 pm on a school night), she drove me across town to the dumpling restaurant and offered to keep driving across the country so we could finally fulfill her dream project--Eat Your Way Across America.

4. She taught me about being an orb.

5. She convinces me that things I'm sure I hate (like White Castle and American Idol) are hip (but I still can't actually eat at White Castle).

6. She's Right-Thinking and always has good observations on all conversational topics.

7. She has good taste in music and sometimes she posts a Song of the Day on her blog. Sometimes I don't get around to linking over to the Song of the Day and listening to it until several days after E posts it. And sometimes after I DO listen to the Song of the Day, I have to listen to it on repeat for a long, long time, because I'm like that. And sometimes I get tethered to my desk at work, because I don't want to take off my headphones and stop listening to the song, so I have to work on whatever I can reach on my desk instead of going upstairs and finishing my more pressing assignments, because E picks out such great songs. Like this one by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. I'm not crazy about the video (it's okay), but I'm really grooving on the song.


Maren said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend, but I must comment on White Castle. It is a truly disgusting establishment. When I lived in Ohio my brother made me take him there because he had heard so many people talk about how they missed White Castle. After attempting to eat a few things, he said, "This is the worst food I have every paid for." I have to agree - totally nasty stuff. How do they stay in business?

eliana said...

I want to be friends with E.

Amy said...

Tell me about being an orb.

MBC said...

Maren--I still don't EAT at White Castle, but when I lived in Indiana, I sometimes hung out there with E and a couple of friends (I think they all got White Castle t-shirts).

Eliana--Everyone wants to be friends with E. They just don't know it yet.

Amy--Orbs float above the difficulties of life. There's kind of an interpretive orb dance that E performed to explain it to me.

Amy said...

I need to be an orb.

Kirsten said...

MBC, your forgot to mentions E.'s amazing daily feat of fitting a large sandwich in a small sandwich bag. I am still in awe of her many skills.

If you just want to listen to the song without a video you can go to Sarah what's her names MySpace page, yes MySpace, the so last year social networking site.


or there is a youtube video there they talk about making the video


which is also listed on her myspace page. Sorry the librarian in me forced me to provide all of that additional information.

E said...

I feel so honored to have a blog entry about me!

I need to teach myself how to be an orb.

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