01 December 2008

Things I Have to Say to Fictional Characters

My roommate and I are watching Spooks/MI-5.

It's lovely, not least because of the casting of all these people. Four of my favorite British actors in ONE show. The BBC is good and kind.

HOWEVER, I have to do a lot of yelling at the characters while we watch. I have to inform them of straightforward things that they should already know. Things I will share with you in case you find yourself in a situation where it might be useful.

1. Always tell. If you are a spy, you should tell the woman you're dating that you're a spy as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the angrier she'll be that you lied to her and the more likely it is that she'll think you're having an affair when you get called away to release hostages. And if one of your co-workers is corrupt, TELL. And if you're in love with someone and she doesn't realize it, tell her. Always tell.

2. If you're dating a spy and he tells you he's a spy, you need to just accept that and move on. You're either okay with it or you're not, but don't go on and on and on about it. It's unattractive.

3. A house that requires a key to get OUT is very clearly a bad idea, and if someone you know proposes such a security system for you, you should Have Words. You're just asking to be blown up if you accept a security system like that.


Moo said...

You definitely need to go to the Spy Museum in D.C. on your upcoming trip. Perhaps you should suggest these rules to the powers at the museum and they can pass them on :)

rebekah said...

ok, i hated his girlfriend. hated her. hated, hated, hated her. get over it, lady! and he's not even a spy, really. he is rarely out in the field. and her obnoxious kid, don't even get me started. i was so sad when they didn't blow up. what a dumb security system. and can you tell me why the police couldn't break the windows with their battering ram? even bullet proof glass will shatter at a certain point. grr.

Yankee Girl said...

How are you watching Spooks/MI-5? Is it on TV or do you have a DVD. I watched it once upon a time--can't remember if it was while I was living in the UK or if it was once on tv here.

MBC said...

Moo--Since it's MI-5, I probably need to go to LONDON and set the British security forces straight, which is a trip I'm willing to make for our friends across the pond.

Rebekah--Were there maybe bars on the windows? But, yeah. And why did the girlfriend make him tell the daughter? Children are no good at secrets! Just stop whining and say to yourself, "I'm dating Matthew Macfadyen. I'm a lucky human being."

Yankee Girl--We're watching the DVDs, but you can find episodes on YouTube.

rebekah said...

i didn't see any bars...but now that you mention it, you'd think there would have been in this safe-house-to-end-all-safe-houses. another thing that bothered me -- who paid for that house? better not have been the tax payers.

and yeah, why tell the stupid kid? anger, so much anger. i kid you not, as the clock was counting down i was chanting, 'bombs away! bombs away! bombs away!'

Kirsten said...

I'll start digging on you tube after I finish my papers. The English are such lovely people.

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